Bluefin Sushi Thai restaurant served Thai food to Alameda neighborhood since 2011. Our cooking mixes the spices and ingredients of Thai food to offers the authentic unique tastes.

Also served fresh sushi from the soulful and passionate chef who takes a great care in preparing for every dishes. In bluefin Sushi Thai , rice is paramount. The best bite of sushi delivered the vinegar rice and fish flavor in complete harmony.

The flavor of traditional Thai food and Japanese food blend into a wonderful experience. 

Our variety menu offers the most nutritions to enjoy your event. With delicious food and great services, we are sure to be the best choice for your special occasion.

About Us

The best choice for your event.


 We provide your food with passion and organized services, offering variety fresh sushi and authentic thai food. Serves you delicious experiences. Our menu  can be customized for occasions, easier with delivery and free setup

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